Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

It's Super Bowl Sunday!!!  Packers vs Steelers.  Leading up to the superbowl, there are so many events that bring out so many people and such funny bets.  There are friendly bets, money bets, and just plan 'ol funny bets.  This year, the Super Bowl is at Cowboys Stadium (you know that multi-million dollar stadium Jerry Jones just built) so it should put on a good show.  And for the first time since Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction"  it's the first time that a big time group from this decade has performed onstage at half-time (We'll be watching The Black Eyed Peas).  Watching the pre-game show (NFL Tailgate Party) is actually pretty neat seeing all the stars, the performances, the tailgating recipes.  With all the hype, in case you haven't already noticed, I'm dedicating this blog to the superbowl!  So, when you click on the title, it will take you to the NFL homepage for the superbowl today.  I'll also talk a little bit about the history of the Superbowl, my favorite parts, and some interesting things people are betting on this year.

Let's start with some history!  This is Green Bays first time back to the Super Bowl since 1998, when they lost to the Denver Broncos (31-24).  However, the Steelers were in the lime light just a couple years ago in 2009 where they beat the Arizona Cardinals (27-23).  I bet on the Steelers this year, while Green Bay does have a fighting chance, I just think the Steelers are more capable under pressure.  And it seems the experts are at a toss up on this decision as well.  According to Roz Zurko, Hartford Pop Culture Examiner, "The predictions for the 2011 Super Bowl by the “experts” are so very different, that seems to indicate Super Bowl is anyone’s game".  So i guess we will just have to wait and see, should be a pretty good game.

I have to say though, i think that my favorite part about watching the Super Bowl is the commercials.  Company's spend millions of dollars for the 2 minute slot to advertise.  Most recently, these commercials have been cute, sexy and comical to attract a wide range of markets.  This year, it looks like Car and Beverage companies may be taking the most spots.  We will have to see which come out on top this year!

And speaking of advertisments, these amusing commercials lead us to some of the funniest Super Bowl bets. Bets on which are the best ads are just the beginning.  At, there is a whole article on the top 10 fun bets during the Super Bowl.  According to this article these Top 10 Bets include:
10.  Coin Toss
9.  Team to commit the first Penalty
8.  Will there be an overtime
7.  The last team to score will win the game
6.  First team to use a challenge
5. Team to have the longest touchdown
4. Will either team score in the last 2 minutes of the game
3.  Will there be a score in the first 6 1/2 minutes?
2.  Team to commit the first turnover
1.  Will Fergie fall victim to Wardrobe Malfunction?

While these are all fun bets to make, I've also heard everything from "how long will it take Carrie Underwood to sing the National Anthem" to "how many times will the announcers say Brett Farve's name during the game". 

So tell me, What are you betting on this Super Bowl Sunday?

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 This article (Click on the title of the post to see it)  just about says it all.  I couldn't even get out of the driveway because the drifts are so high.  When I called in to work this morning to see how they were doing I was told not to even attempt it, have the doctors had to stay on the 6th floor last night just to have staff this morning.  It's lightened up out there, but it's still coming down!  Even Chicago shut down schools, and they haven't done that in 12 years according the the article.

What do you think, did everyone freak out over this storm, or were proper precautions taken?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Welcome to my blog!  This is the first posting so I'll keep it short and sweet.  This blog is my outlet of sorts, a place to talk, debate, complain, dream, etc.  I will use this to post articles that i find interesting, talk about what's in the news and anything that life throws my way.  I'm new to blogging, so this is a learning process for me.  Any suggestions to those that have experience, please, throw them out there!  I'm open to taking in ideas, and hearing from  my readers what they want to see more of or less of. 

Let me tell you a little about me.  My name is Sarah, and I'm working on what I like to call Operation: Find Myself!  It's this whole idea where I'm working to improve myself, find faith, and achieve some of the things I (notice I said I) want out of life.  This isn't the easiest of tasks, with a fiance and two step kids who are picky eaters, nosey, and not all that supportive of change.  Starting this blog is one of my goals.  And now that it's up, I can cross that off my list.  Keeping up with it is another goal (hopefully this all goes well!). 

Ok, enough about me, tell me about you!