Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Welcome to my blog!  This is the first posting so I'll keep it short and sweet.  This blog is my outlet of sorts, a place to talk, debate, complain, dream, etc.  I will use this to post articles that i find interesting, talk about what's in the news and anything that life throws my way.  I'm new to blogging, so this is a learning process for me.  Any suggestions to those that have experience, please, throw them out there!  I'm open to taking in ideas, and hearing from  my readers what they want to see more of or less of. 

Let me tell you a little about me.  My name is Sarah, and I'm working on what I like to call Operation: Find Myself!  It's this whole idea where I'm working to improve myself, find faith, and achieve some of the things I (notice I said I) want out of life.  This isn't the easiest of tasks, with a fiance and two step kids who are picky eaters, nosey, and not all that supportive of change.  Starting this blog is one of my goals.  And now that it's up, I can cross that off my list.  Keeping up with it is another goal (hopefully this all goes well!). 

Ok, enough about me, tell me about you!

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  1. Great job! I cannot wait for your next post! Keep it up.