Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding Fun with Storytime!

I was thinking the other day, I know scary right!  I realized that there are thousands of preschool and kindergarten books out there and  most story times come with snack time, but most snacks are either unhealthy or unrelated to the story topic. With our kids, they like to make a big deal out of every story.  And I thought, it would be fun to do a story and snack time that is based around the theme of the book.   So I started searching.  I searched the library, I looked online, and everywhere you can imagine I looked for snacks that matched story themes.  Needless to say I came up pretty much empty handed.  There was the all time favorite Green Eggs and Ham but other than that, there really isn’t anything like this out there.  This baffeled me, because I can't be the first person to come up with this idea!  While I'm not sure it's a strong enough idea to publish in a book somewhere,  I came up with the idea that I could add a section to my blog. I could start here, see what the response is, and then go from there. This posting is to explain what this new section is all about.  It will be located on the side columns and every month I will feature a story with a short description.  The there will be a craft activity and a snack that goes with the theme of the story.  So, for all you stay at home moms and elementary teachers, there will be some good ideas for you to build off of!  Hope you enjoy!  And let me know what you think, if I get enough positive feedback, I will reconsider the publishing idea.

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